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The greatest investment that any community can make is to invest in their children. Our children are our future. If we invest in today’s children and develop them into people who are firm in their Imaan, who cherish human values much more than material wealth, who honour their parents and their elders and are generally an asset to society at large, then such an investment will earn tremendous returns and benefits for the entire Ummah.

We are trying to develop our students in that way. By and large it is at the Maktab that the child is equipped with all the basics of Deen, the fundamentals that enable him / her to live and practice as a true Mu'min (believer).

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Why Choose Us?

  • Balanced Islamic and Academic education program
  • Affordable tuition
  • Strong Islamic Tarbiya / Character program
  • Qualified teachers
  • Low teacher to student ratio


You will continuously get the rewards of the teaching of Quraan, Hadith and Fiqh. As well as helping the society to be a Muslim Society.